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Minneapolis-based health educator and motivational speaker, Mike Patrick will be speaking to students (and/or) staff at _____________________________ on __________________ at ________ (am/pm). Mike speaks on a variety of topics, but the one with special meaning to him is learning to develop oneís own unique capabilities.

As a high school junior, he looked forward to a bright future. He was a member of the National Honor Society and a free safety on his high school football team. His world came crashing down in his first varsity game when he went in to make a tackle. His facemask caught on the ball carrierís kneepad, breaking his neck and leaving him paralyzed from the chest down.

In his presentation, Mike tells what it was like to feel all the sensation leave his body. He also talks about how he learned to live despite his physical limitations. He is not living the "American Dream" as he once envisioned it; heís now found a new version of that dream to live.

Mike Patrick is a realist. He knows people are not going to believe his life is perfect and he doesnít try to kid them about it. When asked why he feels his presentation is important, particularly to school kids, he says, "I want them to start thinking and to learn if you think things through; you can find a solution to just about any problem. The problem isnít the issue, the issue is how you address the problem."

Though speaking engagements bring him to hundreds of audiences each year, he still finds time to enthusiastically support his favorite sports and to pursue an avid interest in his hobby of photography. He is also one of the contributing authors in two books entitled "PreTeen Power" and "Lead NOW or Step Aside!" You can learn more about Mike by going to his web site at: