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When Mike Patrick was in school, he didn’t know what he wanted to be when he grew up. So he decided not to grow up! He’s not sure he ever will! However, Mike is fired by big dreams and completing endless "to do" lists. In short, Mike makes the proverbial "movers and shakers" look like couch potatoes. Up close and personal, Mike is famous for his:

• photography

• affection for sports

• personal computer wizardry

• love of grandma’s "down home farm food," the stuff heart attacks are made of

• knowing tons of people and remembering their background. However, nine times out of ten, he forgets the person’s name but never lets on to the fact.

• terrifying first time riders in his van

• learning how to talk before he could walk. His mother says, "I always knew there was a reason for that."

• being an incurable laughaholic who constantly chuckles at himself, others and the situations he deals with

On the serious side, Mike Patrick is a professional speaker, health educator, award-winning video producer, award-winning web site developer and owner of his own company. He travels the country addressing audiences of all ages and sizes. He talks about self-esteem, motivation, capabilities, attitude, consequences, perceptions, personal responsibility and much more. Mike is living proof to the phrase, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." The title of Mike’s presentation is "Think About It." Please help me welcome Mike Patrick.