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(for Secondary Schools)


When Mike Patrick was in school, he didnít know what he wanted to be when he grew up. So he decided not to grow up! Heís not sure he ever will! He constantly played sports like basketball, baseball and football. He was afraid of girls then and would break into a cold sweat when one said, "Hello."


Mike dressed cool, at least in his own mind. And he did it without a pair of those big, baggy jeans! He actually wore a belt! He also claims to have been one of the first people to wear T-shirts with advertisements.


In junior high school, Mike was "told" he was going to emcee the Annual Variety Show in front of the whole school. At first Mike was petrified, but as soon as he told his first joke and everyone laughed, he caught a bad case of "spotlight fever." His speech teacher had a hard time getting him off the stage that day.


More than anything else, Mike wanted to get a basketball scholarship for college. He worked and studied hard to achieve that goal. A football injury his junior year ended Mikeís athletic career immediately and left him a quadriplegic.


Today, Mike Patrick is a professional speaker, health educator, award-winning video producer, award-winning web site developer and owner of his own company. He addresses audiences of all ages and sizes. He talks about self-esteem, motivation, attitude, leadership, consequences, perception, personal responsibility and much more. Mike is living proof to the phrase, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." The title of Mikeís presentation is "Think About It." Please help me welcome Mike Patrick.