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Over the years, schools have been very creative in finding ways to fund my program and/or materials. Here are a few suggestions of possible funding sources.

• Drug-Free Schools Money

• Earmarked Federal Special Education Staff Development Dollars

• Diversity Money

• Violence Prevention/Safe-Schools Money

• Tobacco Settlement Money (TATU Fund, Teens Against Tobacco Use, check with your coop or state dept. of ed.)

• Parent Teacher Groups — PTA’s, PTO’s, PTAO’s, PTSA’s, PTSO’s, PCN’s, etc.

• Education Cooperatives — ECSU’s, ESU’Ss CESA’s AEA’s, etc. Each state has some sort of education cooperatives.

• School Assembly Fund

• Student Activity Fund

• Vending Machine Fund

• Media Center Funds

• Staff Development Fund

• Student Groups — Student Council, DECA, VICA, FBLA, FCCLA, FLA, FHA, FFA, BPA — or other student groups

• Civic Groups — (Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, American Legion, Optimists, Knights of Columbus, VFW, Auxiliaries, etc.)

• Community Education Programs

• Local Businesses, Corporations or Foundations

• various other grant programs through your State Department of Education, or . . .